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Car Detailing

Get your car detailed when you want without any hassle.

Mini Detail
Pinnacle Polish Plus
  • Steam Clean Mats
  • Leather Clean and Condition
  • Interior Update
  • Seats Steam Cleaning
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Full Detail

Price starting from

  • Cut and Polish
  • Interior Detail
  • Engine Wash

Price Details

  • 4WD & Wagon - $299.00
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Interior Detail

Price starting from

Including Mini Detail
  • Dash,Console and Door Surfaces
  • Carpet and Mats Steam Cleaned
  • Wheels Detailed

Price Details

  • 4WD & Wagon - $199.00
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Mini Detail Geelong
Pinnacle Hand Car Wash is pioneer in offering Best mini detail services.

Home Pick Up Car Wash And Detailing

The Mini Detail is a great choice for people who looking for more attention to the interior of their car, but don’t require a complete interior detail cleaning services in Geelong. It normally takes around 45 minutes and no more appointment is required. Apart from the Works wash, the Mini Detail comprises an interior cleaning with the compressed air to blow out debris and dirt from the hard-to-reach cracks & crevices; the doors, dash, and console are perfectly cleaned then treated with a vinyl/ leather protectant & mat cleaned.

In case you are interested in extra detailing services, such as a Wax, Leather Seat Cleaning, et cetera., our Mini Detail can be effortlessly paired with other services too. We are here to offer you all you are actually expecting.

Our Services Includes:
  • Interior Dusting with Compressed Air
  • Includes the Works wash AND
  • Clean and Treat the Dash, Doors
  • All Mats Cleaned
  • and Console with Leather or Vinyl Protectant
Inside outside wash western suburbs
How Car Detailing Is Helpful For Your Vehicle
Improves The Physical Appearance Of Your Car

After getting your new car, the glitter remains for a limited time. Despite habitually taking your car to the wash, after some time your car will surely lose its outer appeal. By the help of car detailing, the original appearance of your car can be restored. A skilled technician or detailer will ensure that all areas are checked for dirt, scratches, dust, odors, etc.

Expands The Lifetime Of Your Car

Car detailing eliminates contaminations which may have damaged the car’s leather, chrome, vinyl, and paint. In this case, detailing assists the car devalue at a lower rate.

Maintains The Paint Condition

The paint of your car can be affected by dust, debris, dirt, etc. Regular detailing makes sure that a coat of wax is applied on the paint to diminish scratches. Wax restores those new-car shine, and also provides a defensive barrier.

Improves The Resale Value

Car detailing professionals give your car its awesome look just prior to a sale. Experienced people are aware of market standards and customer preferences, thus they can assist you to improve your car’s condition. For that reason, with auto detailing, your vehicle will fetch a higher resale value at the time you decide to sell it.

Allows Your Engine To Run Cooler

By the regular detailing, your car engine gets cleaned of leaks, dust and dirt. These make sure that the engine runs more effortlessly.Pinnacle is here to serve you the best. Hire the services now.

*All services and prices vary by location and vehicle condition. Quote provided prior to services. Call for more details or to schedule an appointment.

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