Express Wash

Unlimited Wash Plans

Get an exterior hand car wash whenever you want and enjoy the ease of automatic monthly billing.

Express Wash

Price starting from

  • Chamois Dry
  • Hand Wash
  • Tyre Shine

Price Details

  • Sedan - $22.00
  • Wagon - $24.90
  • 4D/VAN - $29.00
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Inside and Outside Wash

Price starting from

  • Interior Wipe
  • Vaccum
  • Inside & Outside Windows

Price Details

  • Sedan - $39.00
  • Wagon - $45.00
  • 4D/VAN - $55.00
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Pinnacle Polish

Price starting from

  • Tar Remove
  • Wheel Detail
  • Hand Wax & Polish
  • Door Jambs Details

Price Details

  • Sedan - $65.00
  • Wagon - $69.00
  • 4D/VAN - $75.00
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Express Wash Geelong
A Quality, Affordable and Complete Range of the Express Wash Services are Only Available at Here.

No matter, which type of model or which brand of car you are having, we have expertise in handling all the tasks related to it. Just come to us, and share all your problems related to your car along with us. We have proper understanding about all the problems, which arises while handling vehicles and give you the perfect solution to all the problems related to it.

Whether it major or minor problem related to your vehicle, just book your appointment along with us and make yourself to get free from all the concerns related to it. We have the best team, who have deep knowledge about all the problem and find out the right solution to your problem.

Do you want to make your car look clean and fresh? Then try our exclusive express services. Within just half-an-hour, team of Pinnacle Hand Car Wash will give an ultimate look to your very-much loved vehicle. We use the best quality of products to make your vehicle look shinning from the interior as well as exterior.

Our Express Wash Services Includes
  • Chamois Dry
  • Hand Wash
  • Tyre Shine

Grab our assistance and get those within just 20 minutes. No early appointment and we are having a specialty in handling all the types of vehicles whether it heavy-load.

What You Get With Us?
Superior Services

While you will grab our services of superior wash, then first of all, we will remove all the excessive dirt and patches from the body of your car. Here in these services, we wash all the important parts of your car, which involves wheels, chrome, paint, glass, and many more. Here in this, we also clean interior windows as well. So, that they will shine like a new one.

Steam Cleaning

Cleaning mats and the seats inside the car is our specialty. And we are the one, who uses all the advance method to follow the process of the steam cleaning. Even though, we use the product cleaning products to give an extraordinary shine to the car seats and mats.

Leather Treatment

Here in our leather treatment method, we clean all the leather seats within your car. First of all, we clean all the dirt which gets absorbed by your car. After cleaning all the excessive dirt, we then moisturize all the leather with the help of the special conditioner.

Paint Cleaning Treatment

Our Paint cleaning treatment acts as a facial for your car. Here in this treatment, we will remove all the dust and the patches from the paint of your car. It helps us in giving a smooth touch to your car and will give a new and a fresh look to your car.

So, schedule your appointment today or clear your worries related to the car wash and cleaning services.

*All services and prices vary by location and vehicle condition. Quote provided prior to services. Call for more details or to schedule an appointment.

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